Digital Analytics

We cover all aspects of digital analytics consulting, from the earliest stages of conception to working with clients who have a mature digital analytics practice within their organization. We work closely with companies like Adobe and Google to create solutions that offer truly actionable insights and help you to answer your toughest business questions.


The first and most important step in any successful digital analytics program is to have a clearly defined and understood strategy which has been developed in cooperation with all of the important stakeholders within your company. These stakeholders may include members of the marketing team, product owners, IT, customer service, and executives.

Development of a digital analytics strategy includes identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and important metrics which will be used to determine whether you are successful in achieving your goals.

We'll also help you select the right technologies and platforms to include as part of your solution. Selecting the right platform can be key in ensuring that you are able to get the right data when you need it. Our team is experienced with a variety of digital analytics tools and platforms, and we will make an unbiased recommendation based on your specific requirements.


Implementation is often the most challenging phase of a digital analytics engagement for any client. Many companies do not have the proper resources on staff, or they lack the knowledge needed to carry out the project correctly. The team at Castleview Labs has implemented digital analytics solutions for many of the world's most recognized companies and brands. If you have an existing implementation that needs to be cleaned up, we can help with that too.

And whether you have an "on-page" implementation or you are using a tag management system such as Adobe DTM, Ensighten, or Tealium, we can implement your digital analytics tools quickly and correctly. We'll even provide documentation of our work so that you can have your internal team members work on future implementations. (Though we'd certainly be happy to help you out again at any time!)


Building a comprehensive, insightful, and actionable digital analytics solution is a significant investment. So why, then, do so many companies risk their investment by not sufficiently testing their implementations? Incomplete and inaccurate data can cost you a lot of time and money, and will ultimately erode credibility in the data being provided.

Let our team help you devise a testing plan that will ensure you are capturing all the right data from all the right places. We use a combination of manual testing and automated tools like Hub'Scan and ObservePoint to achieve efficient and accurate testing results for our clients. When we tell you your data is correct, you will be able to rest easy knowing that we've checked it thoroughly using industry standard best practices and a relentless attention to detail.

Reporting & Insights

Once the data is available, it's time to make use of it! Time to generate some reports, right? Well, yes. But generating reports is only part of the end goal here. Reports can tell you hard facts based on the numbers, but they don't tell you what those facts really mean in the context of your business.

We can help you interpret your reports and deliver valuable insights that will help you make smarter decisions on behalf of your business. These insights can be delivered in many different formats, such as e-mail summaries and dashboards.

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